ATU Local 113 President to participate in public transit safety townhall on February 9

How can we create a safer TTC for all? RSVP to share what a safe, dignified, and accessible public transit system means to you.


ATU Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, is one of several guest speakers.


Our TTC: Safety For All

Public Transit Safety Townhall


Thursday, Feb. 9

Online or 941 Progress Ave



A letter from ATU Local 113’s President on Black History Month

As we begin Black History Month, we celebrate the history and incredible contributions of members of the Black community and people of African descent to our city of Toronto, our province and to Canada. We look forward to seeing this community continue to thrive in the years ahead.

As the first black President of ATU Local 113, I want to personally acknowledge all Black Members of ATU Local 113 over our 124-year history. It is their work, courage, sacrifice, wealth of shared knowledge, and their resilient spirit that helped pave the way for many of us to work and thrive at our workplaces and in our communities. Their incredible stories help us to reflect on the opportunities and privileges we now have.

At ATU Local 113, our vision is to recognize, reduce, and remove barriers that limit opportunities for anyone. This month we will focus on fighting Anti-Black Racism, celebrating the success of Black Members, and sharing stories of our very own pioneers.


Marvin Alfred

President/Business Agent

ATU Local 113

ATU Local 113 speaks with the media in response to a joint announcement from the City of Toronto, Toronto Police and TTC

On January 26,  Toronto’s Mayor, Toronto’s Chief of Police, and the CEO of the TTC made a joint announcement.

They shared with Torontonians their plan for protecting the safety of our members and passengers who use public transit through enforcement.

ATU Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, spoke to media with a clear message: more needs to be done.

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ATU Local 113’s position on enforcement on the TTC – More needs to be done

On January 26, there was a joint announcement between Toronto’s Mayor, Chief of Police, and the CEO of the TTC. They shared with Torontonians their plan for protecting the safety of our members and passengers who use public transit. Enforcement is an important first step, but it’s only a band aid solution. More needs to be done.

ATU Local 113 calls on all levels of government to work with the TTC at tackling the root causes including housing affordability and mental health as part of the broader issue of safety on public transit. Without addressing the problem at its core, we won’t have a transit system free from violence.


To the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

As per your press conference yesterday, we at ATU Local 113 are pleased to take you up on your offer to assist us in addressing the public safety crisis on Toronto’s transit system.

Over the years, our Union has actively voiced our concerns about public safety issues on transit. As recently as April 2022, we proposed and successfully passed a motion through city council (the commissioners board) to improve public safety on the transit system. As you have seen, violence against transit workers and riders have continued to increase significantly, creating a culture of fear among the general public. It is clear that we are now at a breaking point and immediate and urgent actions must be taken.

On our part, we have taken action to survey our own members and found that an alarming 73% of participants have reported an incident of violence towards them on the job. No employee should feel endangered or threatened in their line of work, especially in a position like ours where we serve the interest of the general public in moving the city. We move Toronto, this is what we do.

We would like to work with you and the federal government to discuss our concerns and find solutions that really work for transit workers and transit users in Toronto. Actions like:

  • An immediate and direct injection of much-needed emergency resources towards violence prevention, mental health relief, and addressing homelessness on the transit system.
  • The request from the City of Toronto to the Government of Canada to amend subsection 269.01 of the Criminal Code to include all transit workers in these provisions, not just operators.


Marvin Alfred

President/Business Agent


Notice of Motion, dated April 6, 2022

Ottawa and Toronto MPPs to host ‘Fixing Ontario’s LRT P3 Systems’ on January 26

Ottawa MPP, Joel Harden, and Toronto MPP, Jill Andrew, will be hosting a town hall tomorrow (January 26) at 7 PM.

The conversation will be focused on discussing the P3 model’s effects on efforts to build light rail transit (LRT) systems in Ottawa and Toronto.

During the event, there will be testimonies from transit workers, transit riders, impacted small businesses and municipal decision-makers in Ottawa and Toronto, with time for questions at the end.

Our members are encouraged to join.

RSVP at: Fixing Ontario’s LRT P3 Systems – Joel Harden, MPP for Ottawa Centre (


We have had four acts of violence on public transit in less than one week.

This morning, two of our members were chased by an individual holding a syringe. They managed to escape, and the individual was arrested on the scene.

“We need action. It’s not enough to have elected officials and TTC management say safety is a priority. We need to see how you are making it a top-of-mind issue”, said Marvin Alfred, President, ATU Local 113. “Our members are terrified. Torontonians are too scared to take public transit.”

ATU Local 113 will continue to advocate for our members, but without adequate support from the City of Toronto and the TTC, this issue will only get worse.


ATU 113 asks for penalties for individuals who commit acts of violence on public transit

Once again, violence against public transit workers continues on the TTC.

It is time for action. We are asking for stiffer penalties for those who commit crimes against transit workers and passengers, including banning them from using public transit.

We are asking those in power at all levels of governments, including the City of Toronto, to address the issue of the underhoused and individuals who have mental health issues who are using public transit as a form of housing. This contributes to why our workplace is becoming increasingly unsafe.


On January 24, a woman in her 20s was stabbed on a streetcar as Spadina Avenue. This was the third act of violence on public transit within 72 hours of Saturday evening’s incident.

ATU Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, continues to advocate for our members with the media. Our call to action has been clear, but we cannot do this alone.

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