ATU Local 113 President addresses transit safety and service cuts at townhall

ATU Local 113 President, , Marvin Alfred, participated in a TTC Riders townhall last week.
He addressed the ongoing issues of transit safety and service cuts.
“They are cutting service, which is disappointing. How are you going to encourage people to return to transit that’s not there?”
Watch the full clip at the link below (Marvin’s remarks begin at 41:37).

ATU Local 113 applauds our heroic member for saving four seniors in Scarborough

Yesterday evening, a car driver accidently turned onto the GO train tracks at Finch Avenue in Scarborough. The car driver attempted to make a U-turn, and their vehicle was stuck while a GO train was approaching.

One of our members ran onto the tracks and opened the doors to the car. They were able to unbuckle and assist four seniors in the car and bring them back to safety.

Moments later, the car was struck by the train and became wedged underneath it. 


“Our members continue to inspire the community with their acts of kindness, bravery, and selflessness,” said Marvin Alfred, President of ATU Local 113. “The operator has shared with us that they are glad to have been able to help people  that were in danger, and that they are humbled by all the praise they have received.”

Thank you to our member, a transit operator at the TTC, for their quick thinking and heroism. 

ATU Local 113 President to participate in public transit safety townhall on February 9

How can we create a safer TTC for all? RSVP to share what a safe, dignified, and accessible public transit system means to you.


ATU Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, is one of several guest speakers.


Our TTC: Safety For All

Public Transit Safety Townhall


Thursday, Feb. 9

Online or 941 Progress Ave



A letter from ATU Local 113’s President on Black History Month

As we begin Black History Month, we celebrate the history and incredible contributions of members of the Black community and people of African descent to our city of Toronto, our province and to Canada. We look forward to seeing this community continue to thrive in the years ahead.

As the first black President of ATU Local 113, I want to personally acknowledge all Black Members of ATU Local 113 over our 124-year history. It is their work, courage, sacrifice, wealth of shared knowledge, and their resilient spirit that helped pave the way for many of us to work and thrive at our workplaces and in our communities. Their incredible stories help us to reflect on the opportunities and privileges we now have.

At ATU Local 113, our vision is to recognize, reduce, and remove barriers that limit opportunities for anyone. This month we will focus on fighting Anti-Black Racism, celebrating the success of Black Members, and sharing stories of our very own pioneers.


Marvin Alfred

President/Business Agent

ATU Local 113

ATU Local 113 speaks with the media in response to a joint announcement from the City of Toronto, Toronto Police and TTC

On January 26,  Toronto’s Mayor, Toronto’s Chief of Police, and the CEO of the TTC made a joint announcement.

They shared with Torontonians their plan for protecting the safety of our members and passengers who use public transit through enforcement.

ATU Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, spoke to media with a clear message: more needs to be done.

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