Mayor Olivia Chow Announces an Increase in Jobs at the TTC

ATU Local 113 applauds Mayor Chow’s decision to increase jobs for our union.

This morning, Mayor Chow and TTC’s Chair Councillor Jamaal Myers announced an increase in jobs at the TTC. ATU Local 113 is pleased to see the addition of customer service agents (CSA) at subway stations. 

Having a stronger employee presence ensures a higher quality of service and deters issues related to violence and safety breaches.  

We would have also liked to see the TTC provide additional support for workers out on the routes that bring customers to the subway system, such as our buses and streetcars. The return of street support is needed more now than ever, especially with the recent events in violence. 

We are encouraged by this announcement and will work with the Mayor and the TTC to continue on this path of progress. 

ATU Local 113 Condemns The Verbal Assault of a Transit Worker

ATU Local 113 strongly condemns the behaviour of a passenger who verbally assaulted a transit worker onboard a TTC bus on Wednesday, September 9th. The passenger launched a harmful, racist and misogynistic verbal tirade against the transit worker who was simply doing her job. Transit workers are entitled to the same level of safety and security as all workers.

ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred spoke with the media about the importance of safe working conditions for transit workers and why this behaviour should never be tolerated.

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Statement from ATU Local 113 President on member abuse from passenger

I have become aware of footage documenting racist, misogynistic abuse directed at a member of ATU Local 113. Our member was just doing her job when she was verbally assaulted and threatened by a member of the public. This is profoundly unacceptable. Our members are on the frontlines and they are entitled to the same standard of safety and security as all workers.

In light of this and other recent events, Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113 demands that the TTC and Toronto Police Service do everything in their power and jurisdiction to ensure that criminal, racist, and misogynistic behaviour towards transit workers be met with real and substantial consequences.

Specifically, we demand that the assailant be charged criminally and permanently banned from access to the TTC. All Torontonians should feel safe and welcome on the TTC. Actions such as those depicted in the footage should forfeit an individual’s right to access to public transit. No worker, whether serving public transit or otherwise, should have to deal with this type of abuse in their place of work.

We are heartened by the response to date from Mayor Olivia Chow and Councillor Jamaal Myers. They have indicated their support for our member. Their support and that of co-workers and peers who have reached out to the member is much appreciated.

We are however, deeply troubled by the lack of support shown by TTC management to our member. No resources were made available to her at the scene of the incident, and she was forced to drive her own bus to a station to engage supervisory staff. This indifference and lack of support of its employees is a sad symptom of a culture at TTC that has long needed a change.

Our member has indicated to us that this was a troubling and an unfortunate incident for her. She feels that no one should be subjected to this criminal and offensive behaviour. She has requested respect of her privacy as she tries to move forward with her work as an Operator.

ATU Local 113’s President’s Message – Labour Day Parade 

Today we honour workers everywhere and across all sectors. It’s something that we will be celebrating this weekend, as we march in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.


Throughout Toronto’s history, the Labour Day parade has been an important commemoration of labourer’s efforts in standing up for our rights and ensuring our voices are heard. 


On behalf of ATU Local 113’s Executive Board, shop stewards, and members, we invite you to join us to continue to celebrate Labour Day and all the many achievements of the Labour Movement.

ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred Advocates for Hiring Unionized Workers

“We would like for the people that are populating transit worker positions to be local, unionized labour because I think that is the best way to deliver that service reliably to the public.”
ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred spoke to the CBC about how the TTC’s efforts to hire workers through a staffing agency prevents the union from advocating for those employees.

ATU Local 113 Congratulates Andrew Falotico on Being Appointed as the New Health and Safety Director for ATU International

ATU Local 113 would like to extend our congratulations to Andrew Falotico on being appointed as the new Health and Safety Director for ATU International. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Andrew and we wish him all the best in his new role.

ATU Local 113 Celebrates National Emancipation Day

Today is National Emancipation Day, which marks the anniversary of the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 coming into effect. This legislation made the purchase or ownership of slaves illegal across the British Empire.

ATU Local 113 is proud to stand with Black and Indigenous communities in Canada in the fight against racism, discrimination, and intolerance. Today we celebrate the strength and resilience of Black communities in this country.

ATU Local 113 spoke with the Toronto Sun about an incident of violence against a transit worker

ATU Local 113 president Marvin Alfred spoke with the Toronto Sun yesterday about an incident in which a passenger verbally assaulted a bus driver and tried to kick down the driver’s barrier. ATU Local 113 condemns this unnecessary abuse and continues to fight for the safety and respect of all transit workers.