Yesterday, ATU 113 board members and activists walked the picket line in solidarity with on strike LCBO workers. We were hosted by OPSEU picket captain Evan Palmer, the son of YUS shop steward, Syd Palmer. Thank you to everyone who came out.

OPSEU members at LCBO have been forced on strike due to unreasonable demands from the employer. Doug Ford is trying to move LCBO down the road to privatization just as he is trying to do with public transit. We TTC workers know the dangers of selling off public services. The public gets less while corporations get more. We know that revenue from alcohol sales should continue to fund vital public services, not be redirected into private profits.

In our recent job action, Local 113 members showed that they understand the dangers posed by privatization. With the support of our allies in labour and in the broader community we pushed back – and we won. The level public support we received was astonishing. The people of Ontario understand the need to protect quality jobs and quality public services. The public is fed up with the non-stop race to the bottom to make work precarious and drive workers into poverty.

We are proud to stand with OPSEU and LCBO workers in their demands for decent working conditions, wage increases that reflect inflation, access to full-time jobs and benefits. They have our unwavering support for as long as it takes to win this fight.