When ATU Local 113 member Aaron Chapman, a lifelong LEGO fanatic, became a TTC Subway Line 1 train operator, he immediately noticed something was missing from his extensive collection: the TTC. Soon after, he built a LEGO replica of a subway train and embarked to take his idea to the masses though consideration by LEGO Ideas–a program that gives homemade creations global distribution.

Aaron needs over 10,000 signatures for LEGO Ideas to consider global distribution of the “Toronto Rocket Subway Train” model. ATU Local 113 members can help make this replica a reality by voting online here:


Aaron’s “Toronto Rocket Subway Train” (see below) aims to bring about more understanding of public transportation by providing new perspectives of the system. From recognizable designs, like blue accessible seating, to small hidden details, like the controls in the driver’s cab, the “Toronto Rocket Subway Train” allows passengers to see all the intricacies that make transit work.

Highlights of the model include:

  • 2 TTC operators, 2 TTC track workers and 4 passengers;
  • Roofs and Control cabs are removable and complete with detailed operating controls;
  • Train Signal tree with rotating trip arm, train mounted trip switch and functional 3rd rail;
  • And sliding passenger doors, overhead handles and subway advertisements.

Once you’ve voted, share it with your friends, family, neighbours and fellow transit advocates to sign too and make TTC LEGO a reality to bring more understanding of the public transit system.