Torontonians understand that a private corporation’s need to make money fundamentally conflicts with the public transit needs of a city. The fact is that when you have a private transit system, the need for greater profits inevitably leads to service cuts, higher fares, and in the end, greater public subsidies to keep the system running.

Privately owned transit is not a new idea in Toronto. Our city used to have a private transit system a century ago, which utterly failed the city and was the reason for the TTC’s creation.

Just think what could happen if Premier Doug Ford turns the clock back 100 years and hands over our public transit system to private operators?

Premier Ford’s so called “subway upload” could bring us back to a privatized transit system.

We must stop him. Let’s protect what matters to Toronto.

Watch this video to learn about the history of transit privatization and the disastrous effects it has had on Toronto and other cities, including Vancouver, London and Melbourne.

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