Doug Ford is trying to steal Toronto’s subway – the first step in a slippery slope towards privatization, service delays and fare hikes. He recently announced a “Special Advisor” to take control of the public transit system from the Torontonians who own, operate and maintain it.

As this is happening, Mayor John Tory asks Doug Ford for, ‘consultation.’ Mayor Tory, if you met with us, after repeated promises and requests from our Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Morton, you would know that the uploading of the subway is bad news for the City of Toronto. It means we lose control and accountability for the transit that serves us. The Mayor of Toronto should be advocating for Torontonians, not appeasing the bulldozer at Queen’s Park. In moments when we must unite to protect our city, the over 10,000 transit workers notice who stands beside them — and who buckles. Especially in an election year.

Now is the time to stand together with transit workers, riders and advocates to stop Doug Ford and Keep Transit Public.

Here is how you can take action:

  1. Sign the Petition
  2. March in the Labour Day Parade