Premier Doug Ford is cutting fare integration between GO Transit, the UP Express and the TTC, while his Metrolinx agency inks a deal with Lyft that’ll bring more cars on the road to compete with public transit options. President Carlos Santos asks Torontonians to consider: what are the PC Government’s transit priorities? It’s certainly not an improved and expanded public system.

Read more about the new agreement between Lyft and Metrolinx below.

Grabbing a Lyft to GO

Metrolinx and Lyft are making it easier for riders to get to and from GO Stations through a six-month pilot program.

Starting July 15, GO Customers will be able to benefit from a new partnership with ridesharing company Lyft.

By starting or ending a trip with Lyft at certain GO Stations, new and existing customers will save $4 on their next five Lyft rides. The pilot program is rolling out at Exhibition, Oakville, Unionville and Bramalea GO Stations.

During the pilot, customers can simply drop their pin in the pickup/drop-off zones in the Lyft app to get a ride in minutes. The designated pick-up and drop-off areas at each station will be marked with special signage.

This pilot provides a unique opportunity for Metrolinx to explore how working with a mobility partner like Lyft can improve connections to transit, creating more seamless journeys for customers around the region.

Making it easier to combine different travel options from the very start to the very end of every journey is also crucial in getting more people onto transit. This is becoming increasingly important as the region continues to grow. The pilot will also allow Metrolinx to test out new ways of managing increasing customer demand at our stations to ensure customers can quickly and easily access GO service.

“Our customers’ journeys begin long before they step foot onto one of our trains or buses – they begin the moment they leave their homes,” said Phil Verster, President and CEO of Metrolinx. “Working with Lyft provides us with the opportunity to create convenient solutions, while helping us offset parking pressures at our GO stations.”

“Lyft is passionate about transportation equity and reducing the need for single-occupancy personal vehicles,” says Aaron Zifkin, Managing Director for Lyft Canada. “We are proud to partner with Metrolinx in a first-last mile solution to help riders get to and from GO stations, making it even easier to travel in the GTHA without a car.”

Both Metrolinx and Lyft will continually monitor the pilot over its course and use results to inform future direction.

There is no financial cost to Metrolinx associated with this promotional partnership with Lyft.