Today is Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day

Today is the second annual Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day. For our members, it’s not just something we talk about and experience once a year. It’s every single day.

Our members continue to be faced with abuse, violence, and harassment while at work.

Public transit has become increasingly unsafe. We will always do our part to advocate for our members and inform the public about where the City of Toronto and the TTC are falling short when it comes to protecting our brothers and sisters.


ATU Local 113 Member Survey reveals majority of respondents have experienced violence: Local 113 President shares our call to action with media

Ahead of Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day, ATU Local 113 released a member survey that assessed how respondents experienced and reported violence on the system. 73% of respondents have been witness to a form of violence, and most of them didn’t report it. Why? Because they felt they wouldn’t be supported by the TTC.

With the continued pattern of assaults and attacks on our members and passengers, Local 113 President Marvin Alfred spoke to media today to advocate for the rights of our workers. No one should have to go to work in fear of their lives. A  clear call to action was emphasized in every media interview. The TTC and the City of Toronto must do more to protect our workers and make public transit safer.

ATU Local 113 will continue to stand up for members and riders. 

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CBC News ( 7:27-10:08): CBC Toronto News December 16, 2022 |

NewsTalk 1010: ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred with John Moore (

ATU Local 113 shares call to action for the TTC and City of Toronto

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen attacks on public transit, one of which resulted in the fatality of a passenger. Unfortunately, violence on the system takes place almost every day.

Tomorrow is Transit Worker Assault Day. It was put in place as an annual reminder of the ongoing advocacy required to keep public transit workers safe. ATU Local 113 put out a member survey, where respondents noted that 70% have witnessed violence on the system. Over half of them didn’t report it, as they felt there wasn’t adequate support in place to do much.

In this video message, the victim of the Long Branch attack, Nelish ‘Nina’ Nazarali, shared the long-term impacts an assault can have on you – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

No one should go to work in fear.

Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, has a clear call to action for the TTC and the City of Toronto: Do more to make our members and transit passengers feel safe!


ATU Local 113 shares transit safety member survey key findings

This year, we surveyed ATU Local 113 members – 70% told us they have faced workplace violence, while over 50% told us they experienced harassment at work.

The problem is worse than we thought. We’re calling on the TTC and the City of Toronto to work with us to make the TTC a safer place for transit workers and riders alike.



ATU Local 113’s President speaks to workplace safety for transit workers

Earlier this year, President Marvin Alfred recorded this statement as part of our ongoing efforts to prioritize workplace safety for transit workers.

ATU Local 113 has completed its Violence and Harassment survey and the information will be available soon. Come back to our website for further updates in the coming days as we prepare to mark Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day on Saturday, December 17, 2022.


ATU Local 113 supports the call for a public inquiry regarding the Eglinton Crosstown

ATU Local 113 supports holding Premier Ford and Metrolinx accountable for the Eglinton Crosstown disaster. ATU Local 113 fully supports the call for a public inquiry to be held immediately to address the lack of transparency, accountability and ongoing conduct that is not in the best interest of the public and transportation needs.

The Eglinton Crosstown is another demonstration of consistent failures of LRT expansion across the province, as we have seen with the Ottawa Confederation Line LRT.

Public-Private-Partnerships, known as P3s, deliver billions of dollars to the friends of government and leave taxpayers paying billions extra in construction and maintenance costs for substandard work and years of delay in public transit expansion.

The public inquiry will help shed light on the safety concerns and mismanagement of public funds, with no accountability to the transit users and taxpayers of Toronto. We have to stop power without accountability.

Standing up for Members and Riders in the Media: Urgent Action Needed to Stop Violence on TTC

ATU Local 113 members are deeply saddened by the tragic death of Vanessa Kurpiewska, 31, of Toronto who died after she was stabbed on a subway at High Park Station on Thursday, December 8. The accused also injured another woman in the attack. We continue to wish the injured woman a full recovery.

With the escalation of assaults and attacks on the TTC, ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred spoke today with local and national media on how the TTC and the City of Toronto must take immediate action to make the TTC safer for workers and riders.

ATU Local 113 will continue to stand up for members and riders as this senseless violence must come to and end.


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ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred also did interviews that aired on CP24, CBC News Toronto and AM 640 Global.



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ATU Local 113 donates to Sick Kids Hospital and the MS Society of Canada

Marvin Alfred, President, and the Executive Board of Local 113, presented donations to Sick Kids Hospital and the MS Society of Canada on behalf of our union at the recent General Meeting. Sick Kids Hospital helps save the lives of children and the MS Society of Canada conducts critical research that benefit countless Canadians who battle Multiple Sclerosis, a life altering illness. We were glad to be able to contribute to their ongoing work.