Arbitrator Louisa Davie has issued the interest arbitration decision setting terms and conditions of employment for the CSA classification.

ATU Local 113 fought and won significant improvements for each and every CSA.

Some of the significant improvements include:

  1. 40 hour weekly guarantee and daily guarantee, off days to normally be consecutive and as far as practicable 66 2/3 of all CSA shall consist of continuous hours.
  2. CSA’s by sign up for work by seniority four times per year including a Christmas/New Year sign up and limits on the ability to move.
  3. Limits on the changing of a CSA’s work schedule.
  4. Travel time to be paid where a CSA works at a location other than where they began their shift.
  5. Overtime for all hours in excess of scheduled daily shift, work on off days and all   volunteer work before or after their scheduled shift.  Previously, overtime only available for hours in excess of 44 per week.
  6. Sunday premium (1 1/4 for first 8 or 10 hours and 1 1/2 thereafter). Previously no Sunday premium.
  7. Paid meal break of up to thirty minutes during each shift where shift is continuous.  Previously no paid meal break.
  8. Shift Premium (75 cents per hour worked where work for the day commences after 1pm). Previously no shift premium.
  9. CSA’s covered by E-27 banning any contracting out of subway service.

A copy of the full awarded is available here.

This was a tough fight which would not have been possible without a team effort. Members played a key role in supplying the information we needed to win these gains.  I would also like to give a special thanks to the legal team and to Kevin Morton, Frank Giustini and John Wales who were instrumental in securing this win.

Carlos Santos
President/Business Agent, ATU Local 113