The TTC Board met today at a critical moment for Toronto’s public transit system. That’s why ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos and Executive Board members joined TTCriders’ Rally to Stop Fare Hikes following their inaugural meeting to demand the City of Toronto stand-up to Premier Doug Ford and fight back against his subway upload scheme. Toronto is a growing city, and for transit to remain accessible, affordable and reliable, the TTC Board must fight to Keep Transit Public.

Alongside representatives from the York Federation of Students, Fair Fare Coalition, Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, Action Keele and CUPE Local 2, President Santos explained that proposed fare hikes are just a symptom of a much larger issue: privatization. “Time and time again, privatized projects have meant increased fares and reduced service for riders – all while leaving the public on the hook,” President Santos shared, “Just look at what’s happening with increased privatization and cost overruns with Metrolinx in the Greater Toronto Area.” With Toronto’s subways, it will also mean losing local democratic control and our integrated system with two levels of government operating our transit system.

Parkdale—High Park Councillor Gord Perks began the rally with a call to action, “You can’t build a city on the cheap. You can’t build a real transit system on the cheap. And we won’t win unless we fight back.” President Santos then led the crowd in a chant, “Lower fares! Increase service! Fund our system!”

Torontonians are encouraged to oppose the so-called subway upload by signing the petition.