After our sisters and brothers at ATU Local 616 in Windsor fought for safer working conditions over health concerns caused by transit riders who refuse to wear face coverings, the Canada Industrial Labour Board ruled “that patrons riding the bus without a face mask put the operator at risk of contracting COVID-19.”

With this ruling, the City of Windsor and Transit Windsor will enforce a no-exception policy for the mask-wearing rule.

If patrons riding a bus without a face mask puts the operator “at risk of contracting COVID-19” in Windsor, then how is the risk different for TTC workers in Toronto?

As I’ve said for months, ATU Local 113 members need real action from the City of Toronto and the TTC to enforce its mask wearing policies to protect TTC workers and riders.

In solidarity,
Carlos Santos,
President, ATU Local 113

Windsor Star: No exception — wear a mask or don’t board a bus, Transit Windsor rules