ATU Local 113 has learned on March 27 that a Wheel-Trans operator has tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) due to international travel. ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers wish the member a full and speedy recovery.

Here is what we know as of now:

  • The Wheel-Trans operator, who works at the Lakeshore Wheel-Trans division, has not worked a shift since March 12 and has been in self isolation since then.
  • The operator received the positive test for COVID-19 on March 21.

Toronto Public Health has assured ATU Local 113 that since the member has not been at work for over two weeks, the risk to other members remains low; however, ATU Local 113 wanted to notify them of as soon as possible. Our union continues to work with the TTC and Toronto Public Health on this case.

As we provide a critical service for our city during this pandemic, including for health care workers, ATU Local 113 continues to push the TTC and Toronto Public Health to do whatever is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment for TTC workers and riders. ATU Local 113 is encouraging members to practice social distancing as much as possible before, during and after their shifts.

If you feel unwell, please stay home. And if you have any questions or safety concerns, please speak with your shop steward or ATU Local 113 board member.