Today, ATU Canada’s Keep Transit Public campaign is blanketing the Greater Toronto Area with radio ads warning of Kathleen Wynne’s destructive plan to privatize future transit projects. For workers, this means we’re cut out of bidding for projects in favour of private, for-profit companies. For riders, privatization means reduced service and higher fares. The Wynne government’s privatization plan is unfair for everyone, except the corporations who will profit at our expense.

Ontario workers must be at the forefront of government decision-making and ATU Local 113 will join the fight with ATU Canada – and our Sisters and Brothers across Ontario – against privatization wherever it happens – especially in our backyards.

Together, we can stop Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Transportation Kathryn McGarry and the Ontario Liberal government from privatization. Listen and share the announcement – and sign the petition at before it’s too late.