ATU Local 113’s members do more than proudly move Toronto, they also do an excellent job given the tough circumstances caused by an underfunded and crowded system.

ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers have strong expertise maintaining and operating the TTC for over 100 years, but Premier Doug Ford’s so-called subway upload puts it all at risk as the PC Government takes the first step towards privatization by taking control of Toronto’s Subway and breaking it from the integrated system.

Watch the LEGO video created by ATU Local 113 Brother Aaron Chapman, then share it to help the Local reach riders in new ways to protect Toronto’s public transit system.

There is an easy way for Premier Doug Ford to improve and expand the TTC – it’s to properly fund it, not tear it apart.

Join the fight to protect Toronto’s public transit system – and vote to make Brother Aaron Chapman’s Toronto Rocket Subway Train an official LEGO kit.