ATU Local 113 has and continues to be a strong advocate for protecting our workers from violence and assault on the job.

In March 2022, the TTC CEO Report found that the number of offences against TTC employees in Q3 2021 was 243 and in Q4 2021 was 208, which represents offences against employees of more than 2x per day.

These numbers are daunting, and it’s a reality many of our members have to face daily. No one should go to work in fear.

Today during the Toronto Transit Commission Board Meeting, a Motion was brought forward entitled ‘Working Together to Address Transit Worker Assaults’. The recommendations proposed can be found here. At a high-level ATU Local 113 proposes all levels of government work with the union to develop a national framework.

The Motion was tabled by Councillor Jaye Robinson and seconded by Councillor Jennifer McKelvie.

Our President, Marvin Alfred spoke to the Board. The 10 minute deputation included positive feedback, a Q&A, support from TTC Staff and Commissioners, and the successful passing of a Motion showing our efforts to get the TTC and the Commission to begin to address transit workers’ abuse. A video of the deputation can be found above.

Marvin Alfred said, in part, “TTC has acknowledged the incidents have been increasing throughout the pandemic with offences against employees doubling and those against customers nearly tripling. But what hasn’t been determined is why the assaults are increasing. I proposed the idea of a Motion to Councillor Robinson, as I felt the TTC could do more. I’m happy to report she agreed. So, we’re here with the beginning of a strategy to make our transit system even safer.”