Local 113 is clear: two hour fares are the only way to move forward in 2018. That is why we are standing together to support TTCriders’ advocacy campaign — calling on everyone to do their part for a fairer system.

Two hour fares would allow riders to get off and back on the TTC an unlimited amount of times within two hours, without any additional cost. This allows riders flexibility to get on and off to do things like pick up their kids or buy milk.

Messages should be sent ASAP because the TTC Commission and City Council will begin voting on November 28 on the two-hour fare transfer.

Take Action:

Send a message to your councilor right now calling for them to support two hour fares.

Sign up to support two hour fares on Tuesday Nov. 28. The TTC Commission meeting starts at 9.15 a.m. and will be held at 100 Queen St West. You can also sign up to depute.