Building on longstanding traditions, ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers marched proudly in Toronto’s 38th annual Pride Parade. While June is designated Pride month, the Local will always stands in solidarity in the fight for equal rights. The Parade offers the opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ community achievements while recommitting to their full inclusion in society – under the law and in our culture.

Group photo at Rosedale Valley Road in front of the fabulous TTC Pride bus.

Despite a heavy downpour, ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers marched alongside the TTC Pride bus: dancing, waving flags and laughing. The parade route on Yonge Street from Church and Bloor to Yonge and Dundas Square was a sea of colour representing a message of unity and peace.

Grace Udoh dances excitedly through the streets of Toronto while wearing her custom ATU Local 113 rainbow t-shirt.

Matthew Ennamorato and Richard Freitas wave the ATU Local 113 flag high in the sky on Bloor Street.

ATU Local 113 marches in rainbows to celebrate achievements continue fight for equality image 4

Matthew Ennamorato, Emily Daigle, Richard Freitas, Kathleen Zamora, Grace Udoh, Trey Zamora and Deborah Littman amongst other ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers.

Thank you to all ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers who participated in the Parade. To get your hands on the rainbow ATU Local 113 t-shirt or to be notified about details for the march next year, please contact