ATU Local 113 would like to share important information with members about the TTC’s Temporary Lay-Off Substitution (TLOS) initiative.

The initiative is a program to reduce the impact of planned lay-offs by allowing members to take a temporary lay-off. This initiative is open to all active, permanent, full-time employees at the TTC subject to meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Each member who chooses to participate in the temporary lay-off initiative means one less member being laid off. With that said, ATU Local 113 is not encouraging nor discouraging members from participating. Our union is large with a diversity of needs and personal circumstances. A member may have their own reasons as to why they would want to participate in the program or not.

ATU Local 113 will respect and support each member’s own decision.

While participating in the initiative, members will need to pay union dues to keep seniority. Participating in the initiative will have pension implications. We recommend you call the pension office to see how participation might impact you.

Please see below for the TTC’s full program guide.

– President Carlos Santos