Local 113 is calling on City Council to demand information necessary to make informed decisions on system-wide service cuts.

On February 15, City Council will be considering a budget proposal to make deep cuts to public transit. We know from the TTC that it includes a 9% cut system-wide and a 25% cut to rapid transit service compared to pre-pandemic levels. Combined with a fare increase, these cuts are a threat to the long- term viability of our transit system. A recent open letter from more than 100 transit and urban researchers noted that these “cuts to service are likely to initiate a ridership death spiral in which long wait time and poorer service leads to ridership drops, which in turn lead to further revenue losses and cuts.”

At its January 9 meeting, the TTC Board was asked to make the details of the cuts public. They have not done so. Riders deserve to know if their route is being cut and City Council has a responsibility to know the impact of their decisions.

ATU Local 113 is calling on Toronto City Council to demand that the proposed service cuts be made public before they consider the budget.