Members of ATU Local 113 do more than just operate and maintain the TTC. We are the eyes and ears of the transit system. We work with riders every day to improve service and keep Toronto moving and are often the first on the scene to solve a crisis or save a life.

Olivia Chow, who we hope will be the next Mayor of Toronto, has invited members to tell their own stories in their own words.

In a series of videos, we will hear the stories of members who stepped in to save lives. It includes other road users in danger, a toddler who had wandered onto the tracks, and a rider who found himself in crisis with nobody to turn to.

“Quality public transit is about so much more than just running vehicles. Having capable, compassionate workers is the only way to keep everyone safe,” said transit rider and mayoral candidate Olivia Chow. “ATU Local 113 members are the cornerstone of building a more caring city. Workers need to be supported, respected, and most importantly, listened to. I am honoured to be able to hear and share their stories.”

“They might not use the word to describe themselves, but these workers are heroes,” said ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred. “These stories are just a few examples of the kind of work that every single one of our members does.”

Watch Transit Workers Tell Their Stories:

A track inspector, Chris, shares his story with Olivia Chow of saving a young rider in crisis by listening and caring.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains sensitive content. Viewer discretion is advised.