Today, we achieved an ultimate win when Toronto City Council adopted a motion to Keep Transit Public. To every single individual who contributed to making the Keep Transit Public campaign successful, thank you. While we achieved a milestone success today, our work continues to ensure transit remains in public hands.

A special thank you to Councillors Joe Mihevc, Mike Layton, and Frances Nunziata for their leadership in keeping Toronto’s transit in Toronto’s hands.

Pictured below are your Sisters and Brothers at Toronto City Hall, who showed up to watch councillors adopt the motion to Keep Transit Public!

ATU 113 Executive Board members: Marvin Alfred, John Dinino, Jamie Robinson, Frank Malta, Aleem Tharani
ATU 113 Safety Liaison: Andrew Falotico
Keep Transit Public members: Brian Connelly, Ryan Rajmoolie, Corrie Branch, Annette Suchy, Deborah Littman, Ed Cunningham, Chris Benic, Paul Thorpe, Carlos Santos