In an Unprecedented Show of Solidarity, Transit Advocates Unite with Riders Against Ford: “Don’t Steal #OURSubway!”

Transit advocates united on Friday, February 22 with riders in an unprecedented show of solidarity against Doug Ford and his subway upload scheme, canvassing over 35 TTC subway stations during rush hour in the largest Day of Action to date. This came as ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers wore “Don’t Steal Our Subway” and “Keep Transit Public” t-shirts on the job, alerting riders of the threat to Toronto’s public transit system.

“We’re taking action in solidarity with the citizens of Toronto,” said ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos on CP24 early this morning. “Ripping the TTC Subway from the rest of our public transit system will create havoc for riders, adding unnecessary bureaucracy to our system and take local control away from city transit planning,” he added in an interview with

ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos explaining the risks for Toronto’s public transit system beside Jessica Bell, MPP for University – Rosedale and NDP Transit Critic.

ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brother wearing “Don’t Steal Our Subway” and “Keep Transit Public” t-shirts on the job at Eglinton Station in an unprecedented show of solidarity.

President Carlos Santos’ bold t-shirt initiative comes as Toronto City Hall and the Government of Ontario announced the terms of references for negotiations for the so-called subway upload – a deal inked in backroom secrecy. “We need to act before it’s too late,” he shared with riders at Queen’s Park station. “Torontonians have owned, operated and maintained the TTC for over 100 years – and on my watch, it’ll be another century. We paid for it!”

ATU Canada President John Di Nino, Toronto City Councillors Gord Perks and Joe Cressy, and NDP MPP Jessica Bell joined the Transit Day of Action alongside hundreds from community groups, unions and local and provincial governments.

Torontonians concerned about their public transit system are urged to join the fight and tell Doug Ford “Don’t steal #OURsubway!”