Throughout the pandemic, ATU Local 113 has tried to work with the TTC to keep workers and the public safe. From masking to social distancing to vaccinations, the TTC has chosen to act unilaterally instead of collaboratively – often too late or ineffectively.

The TTC could have sat down with us from the beginning to implement vaccination policies in a reasonable way. Instead, management chose an approach that violated members’ rights. No other workers faced a comparable approach. In the education, healthcare and policing sectors other agencies serving the public managed to encourage and require vaccinations without resorting to illegal terminations. We have pushed from day one for hearings to resolve the issue as soon as possible; the TTC has not.

Now, after many months of legal action, the TTC has finally accepted their mistake and reversed their decision. We are pleased that the uncertainty and frustration experienced by our members and their families may be coming to an end. We are just disappointed that it took so much time and conflict to get us here.

We want the TTC and the City of Toronto to respect the rights of Transit Workers.

ATU Local 113 members should know: 

  1. Our grievance challenging the reasonableness of the Policy and related terminations will continue.
  2. We believe many employees are properly eligible for back pay. This is included in the grievance.
  3. If members are given an offer letter, please share it with the Union so that we can provide advice and assistance.

ATU Local 113 has also asked for a meeting to clarify details with the commission as soon as possible. We will provide further information to members, as we receive it.