ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos is encouraging all Torontonians to read this compelling first-hand account in View the Vibe that details the struggles our members – including operators, maintenance workers and support staff – are facing as they work day and night to keep this city moving.

“We continue to do our job, knowing that other front-line workers like those in health care and many more, rely on us to get to their jobs.”

Quarantine Chronicles: Concerned TTC Operator Speaks Up Pleading for Your Support

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The member also rightfully speaks out about the many uphill battles ATU Local 113 has faced since the COVID-19 pandemic started. We fought for the right to wear basic protective equipment and are now fighting to stop TTC service cuts and job losses. These cuts will have consequences, especially for those essential, low-income workers who depend on the TTC every day to get to work at hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores and pharmacies. The only way to stop this is for our government to step up and provide emergency financial support.

Frustrated about these service cuts too? Make your voice heard by signing ATU Canada’s petition to demand federal government funding for transit.