Sisters and Brothers,

Despite being the second largest transit system by ridership in Canada and the US, the TTC has the lowest level of government funding on a per trip basis and in relation to its total budget. This means that the TTC is extremely dependent on the farebox, leaving the system vulnerable to shocks. Because of this dependency, last summer the COVID-19 pandemic caused the TTC to lay off 450 of our Sisters and Brothers at the height of a generational social and economic crisis. The 450 laid-off workers have since returned thanks to ATU Local 113’s work.

To drive economic growth as our city recovers from the pandemic and to ensure our transit system is able to meet the needs of a growing commuting population, the TTC must receive adequate funding from government to support the system’s daily operations. Reducing the dependency of the TTC on its farebox will build a better future for our city and our communities. Join us in pushing the government to properly fund the TTC!

In Solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113