Throughout the pandemic, ATU Local 113 members have shown their hard work and dedication to moving Toronto. In a special video message, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney and Associate Transportation Minister Kinga Surma thank all ATU Local 113 members for your exceptional service to our city.

ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos thanks Premier Ford, Minister Mulroney and Minister Surma for their kind words and holiday wishes to our members. ATU Local 113 is also thankful for the provincial government stepping up to the plate to deliver emergency transit funding in 2020.

Looking ahead to 2021, Toronto’s public transit workers call on the Ford government to deliver necessary funding to keep Toronto moving as we rebuild the economy – and for long-term funding to address operating costs.

The pandemic has shown the vital importance of public services, including public transit. As the Ford government moves forward with extensive transit expansion, including its P3 RFP announcement to operate driverless subway cars and contract out maintenance on the Ontario Line, the province must change course and keep transit public, including all operations and maintenance.