ATU Local 113 congratulates Olivia Chow on her victory in Toronto’s Mayoral By-election.

This is a turning point in our city’s history. For years we have been told to do more with less. TTC ridership is in a death spiral after a decade of steady decline, underfunding, and service cuts. We were told that better was not possible.

Over the last few weeks, our union along with Torontonians have watched Olivia prove why she was meant to lead this city. After nine years under poor leadership, it is due time for this city to experience true change.

Today, the people of Toronto showed that they believe the city can do better. They voted for investments in service, a more accountable government, support and respect for workers, and a safe, caring, and affordable city. The fate of our city looks a lot more promising now.

“Olivia Chow will be a great partner for public transit and public transit workers,” said ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred. “We look forward to working with her to make public transit safe and dependable again!”

Together we can restore the TTC, improve service to riders, and keep Toronto moving.

We know Olivia’s leadership can make this happen – and ATU Local 113 will be there to help.