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Welcome to ATU Local 113!

How to Stay Connected with your Union

Online Member Profile: You will need to create an online Member Profile to be able to access the Union’s updates, news, resources, documents, frequently asked questions (FAQs), events calendar, training, promotions and more.

For Members who have not yet set up an online member profile: Registration is simple and easy. Go to, and login using the first initials of your first and last name and your badge number. Your temporary password is the same as your user login. For instance: First Name: John; Last Name: Smith; Badge Number: 123456. Username: js123456; Password: js123456. You will then be asked to change your password through this process. And once you’ve done that – you are all set!

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Executive Board Members can be reached on their cell phones or by calling the Union Office at 416-398-5113.
Contact List is available at

As a new member, you’re bound to have plenty of questions. If you’re unable to reach your Shop Steward or can’t find an answer on the FAQ section on our website, please email your query to the Union Office at

Members Handbook

For an introduction to your union, please see the link below to your Members’ Handbook.

New Members Handbook