ATU Local 113 has long advocated for additional measures to be taken to protect the safety and health of our members.

Along with ATU International, Centennial College, and the TTC, we are proud to unveil a bus-of-the-future design-concept, as part of a Bus Design Innovation Program.

This new design will include a barrier on TTC buses, which will act as a shield to protect our members. Separating the driver’s space from the passenger compartment was done with the intention of reducing member assaults and allowing workers to feel safe in their working environment.

The new bus design will also aim to improve air quality.

“Our members have long been subject to risks of violence. As well, they endure long shifts on their bus with poor air quality,” said Marvin Alfred, President, ATU Local 113. “This is the first of many steps that need to be taken to protect the health and safety of our transit workers and riders.”.