Premier Doug Ford has put forward legislation that will give Mayor John Tory more powers to make decisions in secret. This is designed to allow the City of Toronto to privatize more TTC jobs faster.

Toronto doesn’t need the Mayor to have more power, Toronto needs a mayor with the courage to use the powers he has to stand up for the people of this city.

Local 113 Board members were pleased to see NDP MPP Tom Rakocevic deliver our message to the Ontario Legislature yesterday. “Toronto has already been weakened by key decisions being moved out of public debate and into secret backrooms. This legislation will only move more decisions into secret negotiations.”

In the next few years, binding contracts will signed with private, for-profit companies to build and operate new lines that will impact service across Toronto. Premier Ford’s strong mayor legislation will only empower Mayor Tory to make more backroom deals and speed up contracting out and cutting TTC service. TTC’s privatization doesn’t just help corporations make more money, it reduces wages and opportunities for workers. The TTC has always been a way for people, especially from diverse equity-seeking groups, to gain access to entry level jobs, get training, and then advance. The current TTC leadership’s contracting out plan will turn every TTC job into a dead end, low wage job.

Local 113 is grateful to MPP Rakocevic for his support in our fight to defend quality public transit service for the people of Toronto.