Congratulations to ATU Local 113’s Andrew Falotico on receiving the Toronto/York Region Labour Council’s Health and Safety Activist Awards.

Andrew is the Health and Safety Representative of our local. He supports our 12,000 union members and oversees 54 Joint Health and Safety Committees by providing information and expertise on workplace health and safety.

Andrew has advocated fought for the rights of workers and riders who take the TTC subway system to have clean air. Health Canada recognized the need to have Air Quality guidelines to reduce the exposure of harmful particulate matter.

Most recently, Andrew championed the ATU 113 Violence and Harassment campaign. During the current COVID-19 recovery and transition phase, there has been an increase in incidences of violence and harassment in public spaces, especially on public transit in Toronto. The TTC is in a rapid state of decline – impacted by the inadequate public funding, declining services, a lack of affordable housing, along with many other social and economic problems. Andrew assisted in creating a survey for members of the ATU Local 113 that highlighted violence and harassment in the workplace. Through the results of the survey, he helped bring attention to the key issues, and to identify the necessary controls needed to reduce violence and harassment in the workplace, as well as drawing attention to mental health issues.

Andrew is currently involved with several organizations, including the TTC, in designing the “bus of the future” that will address several safety concerns such as blind spots that contribute to pedestrian fatalities, improved air quality in buses that will minimize and reduce viral transmission of viruses, allow for proper accessibility for patrons who have disabilities, and a proper ergonomic workstation for operators to protect them from aggravated assault and injury.

Congratulations Andrew!