TORONTO, ONTARIO – Toronto’s 12,000 public transit workers are reiterating their calls for the Ontario government to provide stable financial support to the TTC. This call was laid out in a letter sent from Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113 President Carlos Santos to Ontario Premier Doug Ford as his government prepares to unveil this year’s provincial budget.

“Toronto’s looming 2021 budget shortfalls will put the transit system of Canada’s largest city at risk and jeopardize Ontario’s pandemic recovery plan. Public transit workers and riders call on your government to do the right thing and provide stable funding to keep the TTC moving in 2021,” said Carlos Santos.

Toronto’s public transit workers appreciated the $400 million in emergency TTC funding through the first phase of the provincial-federal COVID-19 relief plan. However as we look ahead, Toronto City Manager Chris Murray has said Toronto will face a $1.5 billion shortfall in its 2021 budget. This will no doubt put TTC operations at risk. Ensuring the City of Toronto has proper funding next year to keep transit operating during the pandemic must be a top priority of the Ontario government.

Please click here to read ATU Local 113’s letter calling for the Ontario government to provide stable funding to the TTC.

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