More TTC buses and bringing back laid-off workers will help physical distancing issues

TORONTO, ONTARIO – With Toronto’s daily coronavirus cases surging and ongoing reports of overcrowding on a growing number of TTC bus routes, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113 today is calling on the TTC to enact physical distancing measures to limit the number of riders on TTC buses and to bring back all laid-off TTC workers so there are more buses servicing busy routes.

First announced in April, ATU Local 113’s position on this public health issue is for the TTC to limit regular buses to 10 riders and articulated buses to 15 passengers.

“With coronavirus cases surging in Toronto, TTC management must enact and manage these important passenger limits to make buses safer for workers and riders,” said Carlos Santos, ATU Local 113 President. “The TTC can put more vehicles on the road tomorrow by bringing back the 168 laid-off workers who are still at home and ready to move Toronto.”

ATU Local 113’s renewed calls for more public health safety on the TTC comes in the wake of Ontario Premier Doug Ford declaring that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has arrived in Ontario. Meanwhile, as the Premier says our collective actions will determine if the second wave will be a “tsunami,” the TTC has prematurely admitted that social distancing won’t be possible on vehicles despite the clear and apparent public health risks of overcrowding.

“Now more than ever, the TTC must do everything it can to provide a safe transit system for TTC workers and riders and prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” said Carlos Santos. “While wearing masks on the TTC helps reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it’s not enough. It’s time for the TTC to get their pandemic response right by bringing back laid-off workers, increase service on busy routes and enforce passenger limits.”

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