The TTC and ATU Local 113 have agreed upon a strike protocol to be implemented should a strike/lockout take place.  To date ATU Local 113 does not have an agreement for a new collective agreement and is preparing our members for a strike commencing on Friday, June 7 at 12:01 a.m.

We recognize the importance of the Wheel-Trans service to riders who are dependent on this important transportation service to get to and from their needs, including medical care, and therefore as an act of good faith, our members will continue to operate full Wheel-Trans services in the event of a strike/lockout.

Strike action is necessary, as we are not seeing sufficient progress at the bargaining table.  We had hoped the TTC would work with Local 113 to arrive at a collective agreement that acknowledged the hard work of our members. It’s unfortunate that we have to move forward with this course of action, but the TTC has left us with no other choice.

Our members have all been trained through resources and practice pickets and will continue to be respectful of the general public while adhering to TTC’s strike protocol.

Our bargaining team remains at the negotiations table working diligently toward a fair deal for our members.

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