At this time, ATU Local 113 is not sharing any updates related to the specifics of our contract, however the union wanted to address the media’s interest around the topic of cross boundary integration. Recent media reporting suggests that Local 113 isn’t looking to support service improvements, which is not the case. Media have been covering cross-boundary service – which is still too vague and secret to be considered a service improvement.

Recent coverage has shared that TTC is planning to lower costs by reallocating service. This means that the TTC does plan to remove buses from up to 50 routes within Toronto, along 24 corridors.

TTC needs to be open and honest about their plans.  We, the workers and riders, deserve to have an open, public debate about it.

We have some questions, that the TTC Board should really make TTC management answer before moving forward on this:

  • Will TTC’s own service standards be maintained?
  • Where is the accountability if buses arrive at the border already full?
  • How will Toronto’s fare revenue be collected, allocated and retained?
  • Will riders be able to transfer freely to and from other TTC service like they do today?
  • Will other regional carriers be expected to uphold TTC standards for accessibility and accommodations?
  • Will there be a reciprocal arrangement for TTC to carry service to 905 areas?

Since 2022, as a result of an arbitrator’s decision, the TTC has had the ability to run a pilot project on 4 routes. This was to provide an opportunity to test the concept and ensure that any expansion of cross boundary was reciprocal, not just cutting TTC service and handing routes over to other agencies.  Local 113 will always fight for a strong TTC which is in the interest of the public and the people who provide the service.

We believe the public deserves assurances that service standards will be maintained. Depending on how it’s implemented cross-boundary could be a massive service cut.

Reasonable people could disagree on this, but at a minimum we should have the facts on the table, so that the public can make an informed decision.

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