Mayor John Tory has provided a statement on his recommendations to the TTC Budget process that will begin next week.


ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred provided the following response:


“Local 113 welcomes any investment in operating and maintaining the TTC to improve service and safety for transit riders. If we want people to come back onto the system, we need to rebuild trust. We do this by improving service and keeping fares down. This proposal is a step in that direction.


We look forward to seeing details on the service increases. Our members are committed to working to get the best and safest possible service to the people who need it the most. We are here for transit riders and workers.


The increase in conflict and other incidents on the TTC is a direct result of the housing crisis combined with a lack of mental health services. The TTC has ended up filling the gaps in our social safety net. Policing alone can’t fix it and Streets to Homes can’t get people into homes that don’t exist or are unaffordable. We need a comprehensive safety and security plan that provides real housing solutions and a better way to respond to people in crisis.”