Monday, Dec 22

The following statement is issued by the Amalgamated Transit Workers, Local 113, concerning the death of 14-year old Amaria Diljohn at Neilsen and Finch on Friday, December 19, 2014.

“We are shocked and devastated by this grievous tragedy and our hearts go out as one to this young girl’s family and friends. No words can express the depth of our sadness for those who knew and loved her and no circumstances surrounding what happened can lessen their overwhelming sorrow.

“Our 10,000 members are of many faiths and each of us extends our personal prayer that her loved ones will be given the immeasurable strength and courage that will be needed to carry on in the face of this profound loss.”

ATU Local 113 will be making no further statement at this time and will cooperate without reservation in the police investigation of this tragedy.