While the TTC has walked away from the negotiating table, ATU Local 113 has been – and remains – willing to negotiate a fair contract.

TTC management is taking unconventional and inappropriate steps to force us to retreat from our position.

The TTC will never intimidate us. The TTC will never weaken us. And the TTC will never divide us.

ATU Local 113 is strong. We are united. And we will get the fair contract you deserve.

We stand in solidarity with ATU Local 1587, which delivered today a fair and concrete tentative agreement for its members who work with GO Transit.

The agreement includes no concessions, no reductions to contracting out provisions, wage increases every year and benefit improvements. You can read the full tentative agreement in the attachment below.

Why won’t the TTC negotiate the same for us?

Your union will continue to fight for what you deserve – a fair and equitable contract.

The TTC is spreading false information about our union’s decision to end the excess overtime agreement. This decision has nothing to do with contract negotiations.

The TTC is attacking our union and your legal rights – and we’re not going to stand for it. We are going to defend ourselves and fight back.

We’re not going to take it – and neither should you!