Toronto [January 31, 2024] — In a united front, the leadership of CUPE Local 79, ATU Local 113 and the Toronto Public Library Workers’ Union – CUPE Local 4948 came together this morning to urge Mayor Chow to keep the staff-proposed critical investments in City services in the 2024 City Budget. Collectively, these three union locals represent over 44,000 workers responsible for delivering essential municipal services in Toronto.

Nas Yadollahi, President of CUPE Local 79 (representing approximately 30,000 City workers), emphasized the dire need to repair City-run social services. Yadollahi noted: “Our members who work on the frontlines of the shelter system and in long-term care homes have experienced a deepening crisis in response to a decade of cuts and austerity budgets. We finally have proposed investments to begin fixing these collapsing services.”

Marvin Alfred, President of ATU Local 113 (representing approximately 12,000 transit workers), underscored the pivotal role of transit workers in keeping the city moving: “Against a backdrop of worsening traffic conditions, we need to invest in our transit system to enhance service levels and ensure the safe and accessible transport of Torontonians throughout the city.”

Brandon Haynes, President of Toronto Public Library Workers’ Union – CUPE Local 4948, (representing 2,100 Toronto Public Library workers), highlighted the significance of Toronto’s Library workers: “Library workers are the heart of their communities. Investing in our libraries ensures better access to these community hubs of learning and support for all people of Toronto regardless of their background. The Toronto Public Library is the one of the busiest urban public library systems in the world and therefore needs to receive the required resources to respond to the growing needs of a city as diverse as Toronto”.