Public transit in the winter presents extra challenges. Snowy boots and dangling mittens can be uncomfortable – and on top of overcrowded buses, streetcars and subways – it can downright leave you feeling like the grinch.

That’s why Aaron Chapman is bringing his TTC LEGO to life in a whimsical winter scene on the Line 1 platform at Bloor Station. His “Toronto Rocket Subway Train” model circles a snowcapped mountain range filled with snowmen, Christmas trees and log cabins – warming the hearts of busy commuters.

ATU Local 113 members are encouraged to see the display, then vote to ensure LEGO IDEAS considers global distribution of the “Toronto Rocket Subway Train” model.

WHERE: Window on the Line 1 platform at Bloor station.

WHEN: the entirety of December.

More details on the “Toronto Rocket Subway Train” model below. It includes:

  • Two TTC operators, two TTC track workers, four passengers and LEGO RC powered;
  • Roofs and Control cabs are removable and complete with detailed operating controls;
  • Train Signal tree with rotating trip arm, train mounted trip switch and functional third rail;
  • And sliding passenger doors, overhead handles and subway advertisements.