ATU Local 113’s Statement on the TTC Budget Meeting
TTC Board votes not to learn key facts about their own budget

At Mayor Tory’s direction, staff proposed massive city-wide service cuts. Changes to service standards will make surface routes more crowded, less dependable, and less frequent. There will be ten-minute waits for subways. Toronto City Councillor, Chris Moise, moved to have city staff report on the impact of the proposed service cuts, as well as for information on skyrocketing legal and consulting fees, but the Board voted not to find out.

“Not wanting to invest in service is one thing, but not wanting to even know what service you’re cutting is just irresponsible,” said ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred. “This budget will drive more riders off the system. And they won’t come back to the TTC until there is safe, dependable, and affordable service. My concern is that Mayor Tory is using safety issues as a smokescreen to impose devastating cuts that will send the TTC into a downward spiral of service cuts and ridership losses,” he continued.

There are real opportunities to save money and the TTC Board won’t look at them.

We want people living on the system to get the help they need, and to not be living on TTC property. The City of Toronto and province have to step up and provide healthcare services and affordable housing to resolve safety issues and violence on public transit.