We are dismayed at the incidents of violence on the TTC this past weekend. Two incidents of violence were reported, one of which has led to the tragedy of loss of life of a young person. Any loss of life on public transit has a lasting impact on families and communities of those directly involved, as well as on transit riders and transit workers.


We at ATU Local 113 have been continuously asking the TTC, the City of Toronto and the Province to prioritize transit safety for workers and transit users. Nothing has changed yet.


We have stated before that the difficult conversations about public transit safety need to happen.


First, it can only be effective if all stakeholders are present, and with real, accurate and current data from the Toronto Police Service and the TTC. It will require leaving politics at the door. 


Second, with the upcoming election, Toronto needs a mayor who understands allocating funds to public transit is not a cost, it is an investment – an investment in transit safety, maintaining dependable service, and state of good repair.


For the long-term viability of public transit, we need to prioritize safety.