President Carlos Santos released the following statement regarding ATU Local 113’s recent grievance about the TTC displaying bus operator badge numbers on vehicles.

“ATU Local 113’s members have expressed significant concerns with the TTC publicly disclosing their badge numbers on buses. Badge numbers are tied to confidential personal information, including payroll, benefits, and third-party bank accounts, and our members feel that this is a clear violation of their privacy. The public disclosure of personal information such as badge numbers could increase the risk of identity theft, fraud, and increased harassment.

ATU Local 113 is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and is disappointed with the dismissal of the grievance in arbitration. Our union will continue to stand up for member’s rights, including the right to privacy, and urges the TTC to follow the guidance of the arbitrator and work with ATU Local 113 to find a solution that does not involve the public disclosure of member information.”

TTC Spokesperson Stuart Green said management has no intention of scrapping the policy. The TTC plans to start displaying streetcar operators’ numbers as it upgrades those vehicles’ communication systems and will consider incorporating the feature in its next purchase of subway cars.

President Carlos Santos and ATU Local 113 are urging the TTC to follow the arbitrator’s recommendation and develop a new system that would give riders enough information to provide accurate feedback while not divulging badge numbers of transit workers.

Toronto Star: Union loses fight to stop TTC from displaying drivers’ badge numbers on buses