Toronto City Council voted today in favour of legal action to stop Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s reckless scheme to diminish local democracy in the middle of the civic election campaign.

“Make no mistake about it – Doug Ford’s plan to slash the size of Toronto City Council in half is nothing more than an abuse of power and an assault on our local democracy,” said Frank Grimaldi, ATU Local 113 President.

“Toronto’s hardworking public transit workers support city hall’s decision to fight Doug Ford’s reckless scheme in court. Along with cutting council’s influence, Torontonians should worry that Doug Ford’s plot includes taking over public transit in Toronto, as we have already seen with him wanting to upload the TTC subway system from Torontonians. With Doug Ford at the wheel of public transit planning, Toronto can expect less service, a higher risk of privatization and more delays in building public transit where the city needs it most,” said Frank Grimaldi.

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