Sisters and Brothers,

The CEO’s Report presented to the TTC’s Board on July 14 showed that there were 203 offences against TTC workers from January 1 to March 31, 2020 – which is more than two incidents of assault/abuse a day.

Just this month we’ve seen troubling cases of abuse directed at TTC workers, which adds stress to an already stressful job during the coronavirus pandemic.

Assaults and abuse against TTC workers are completely unacceptable and we need to ensure the TTC’s zero tolerance policy is enforced. It’s outrageous that public transit workers, who fulfill a vital role in Toronto during the pandemic, are subjected to assaults, abuse and threats by some members of the public.

I will address the issue with TTC management to find ways for transit workers to be safe and secure while on the job serving our city.

In Solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113