Sisters and Brothers,

ATU Local 113 is proud of its work to launch the largest, most comprehensive Black History Month program in our union’s history that includes an anti-racism workshop series and giving members a platform to share heartfelt stories about their own experiences.

Our member stories included a poster that shared the experience of a union member who is the adopted daughter of a Black parent and the mother of a bi-racial child. The sole purpose of sharing this mother’s story was for members to learn about her experience being raised by a Black parent and raising a bi-racial child. We have learned that some members were offended by the inclusion of this poster in our Black History Month program.

To be clear, ATU Local 113 takes full responsibility for this poster. Due to her interracial family and her history of being an ally of the Black community, we encouraged the member to share her story, along with the stories of six other ATU Local 113 members who are Black. This member was even concerned that her inclusion would cause controversy. We’d like to apologize to the member and set the record straight. This member did nothing wrong and we take full responsibility for this poster.

ATU Local 113 would also like to apologize to all members who were offended by the poster. It was never our intention to offend anyone. While members of diverse backgrounds were involved in ATU Local 113’s Black History Month programming, we could have done a better job consulting our membership, including members who are Black. We apologize and we’ll learn from this.

Our union’s work on racial justice and combatting anti-Black racism will continue after February 28. We look forward to having our members, including members who are Black, help shape this important programming.

In Solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113