Sisters and Brothers,

ATU Local 113 is deeply saddened by the tragic death of George Floyd and stands by all those fighting to end anti-Black racism across North America, including here in Toronto.

George Floyd’s death is the latest in a litany of sad reminders of the toxic effect of racism. There is much work to do to eliminate anti-Black racism – and all racism in our society.

As Canadians, we must recognize we’re not immune to the same systemic racism and injustice that plagues other countries. Today, too many people in our community are hurting because of racism. It needs to end.

We cannot stand idly by and allow a system that treats a significant number of our fellow citizens differently to continue to operate. Now is the time to act.

Learn. Do what you must to rid the world of hate.

Know that Canada’s labour movement is with you on this journey. ATU Local 113 is dedicated to fostering a culture of support, equality and inclusion and has a long and proud history of fighting for and protecting minority communities. Today and always, we stand by those confronting injustice, racism and hatred head on.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos,
ATU Local 113 President