As Ontario’s teachers stand up to the Ford Government’s proposed cuts to education, ATU Local 113, representing Toronto’s nearly 12,000 public transit workers, joins them to protect students and defend Ontario’s publicly funded education system.

Our Sisters and Brothers from Ontario’s teachers’ unions have been in intense contract negotiations and many have now been forced to take job action by striking across the province.

Public education matters to ATU Local 113 members. Our children and grandchildren are missing school and extracurriculars due to the strikes. Ontario students, including those in special education, will be hurt by the proposed cuts to school budgets.

Teachers stood with ATU Local 113 to protect Toronto’s public transit system from the Ford Government’s reckless TTC Subway upload that would’ve put it on the slippery slope to privatization. Now we need to show our solidarity with teachers to protect students and defend quality, well-funded public education.

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