Sisters and Brothers,

Today, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs announced that his government would not match federal transit funding, leaving funding on the table while transit agencies in his province struggle to maintain service and staff levels during the pandemic.

ATU Local 113 stands in solidarity with our Sisters and Brothers in New Brunswick and echoes ATU Canada’s concerns that this decision will harm communities and slow New Brunswick’s economic recovery by leaving thousands of tax paying citizens and transit riders at the curb.

Transit workers, who have worked diligently throughout this pandemic, deserve their elected officials to show up to the table to represent them, and Premier Higgs’ announcement represents a blatant disregard for the sacrifices they have made over the last few months.

In Solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113

2020-07-29 - Press Release - ATU Canada calls Higgs Government Short-sighted for refusing Federal Funding for NB transit operations


2020-07-29 - Pkg of Letters to NB Premier + Ministers - call for Government to reconsider decision to refuse federal funding for transit